Why we can’t have nice things

Life isn’t fair, not this life anyway. So why try to destroy for people getting ahead? It doesn’t hurt you if other people get it better. In fact it may help you in the long run. Yet people seem to have this affliction of dragging other people down in the dust with them. All in the name of fairness. 

My experience working in the hospital

Let me give you an example. When I was working in radiography, the pay, in my area is lower than the market value as the there is a shortage yet the hospital will not hire people for more money. They are simply very stingy with money. This is the case for the south of Sweden that I live in, do not know about other places. I heard that it used to be better. That before the different hospitals offered services like massage and slightly higher pay. But then the fairness police came in and said this is not fair and everyone was lowered to the same standard. That is the lowest pay and the least benefits. 

Now if only people would let the newer staff get higher pay adjusted to the market value then the people with more experience would get slightly more pay yet still less than the new people. Because getting a new job ensures a raise more than staying and waiting for a raise. So all this fairness is really hurting more than helping in my opinion.

The early church and persecution

The same rings true in a story I read in a book called Lammet och odjuret : en guide till Uppenbarelseboken where it told of the early church. Christianity started as a part of Judaism. Now the emperor started insisting on people worshiping him which the Jews were exempt from. The Christians were exempt as long as they were considered Jews. But when the temple fell in 70 AD then the Jews temple tax was taken up to the emperor and the non-Jewish Christians did not pay this tax as they weren’t in the system. So non-Jewish Christians didn’t have to pay tax yet were considered Jewish and didn’t have to worship the emperor. This they Jews didn’t like as they thought it unfair and they reported the Christians to Rome saying they were not Jewish. Thus they had to worship the emperor with they would not do and this caused their persecution.

Now God is a God of justice but not, I believe, for the sake of money. But for the sake of what is most important. That is to say life and suffering. It says in Luke 18:7-8 that Jesus will give justice to his elect that are suffering under harsh persecution. So justice in the sense that people who do bad things will be brought to justice and people who sacrifice for Jesus will be lifted up.

What does fair mean to you?

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  1. ACountryBoy Avatar

    I agree that there’s no fairness in this life. After all, the Bible says satan is currently the “god of this world.” But God has something waiting for those of us who love him and believe in his Son

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