The mark of the beast

With the mark of the beast only the ones who have the mark are able to buy and sell things and the mark is 666 which is the humans number Revelations13:17-18. In the first century to the third people who went to court needed to make an offering to the emperor and get a mark on your hand to show that you had done so. So one could not buy or sell without worshiping the emperor and getting the mark. That the number was literally 666 is unlikely but more of a symbol that it had to do with evil to get the mark. In contrast to the mark of the beast is the mark of God Revelations 14:2.


Now when I have heard of the mark of the beast they say it’s a chip you will need to have implanted in order to buy and sell things. It’s a bit scary but it is comforting that there is another explanation to the story. It says that the mark of God is to be a reminder and a comfort yet I don’t feel comfortable having any mark on me. I guess one needs to choose who to serve God or the world. But I feel that sometimes I want to be myself and not be tied down to anyone. It says in the bible that we have been set free of sin. Yet some people think of Christianity as mostly rules and less freedom. The explanation I have gotten from this is that when we are in God we are free to choose God or sin. Is it the alcoholics choice to choose alcohol or is it sin controlling them?


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