I was flying, then… I WAS NOT

I was flying high in clouds

wings spread wide like eagles fly

I was doing hoops galore

long before I touched the floor

I was born up in the sky

high above the eiffel tower

the world slowly wore me down 

down to earth with a bitter cry

Down of earth I hear despair

the wailes of the broken fill the air

Then I stumbled of a cliff

my wings crack at the bottom of the pit

darkness surrounds me 

all light has abandoned me

the pain grows too much to bear

just take my wings I scream in despair

Just make the pain go away

I was done flying anyway

Then I was lifted up 

but only to the mountain top

so this is where the broken go

one looks likes shes never flown

wonder if I’ll fly some more

the lights call me evermore

Evermore fly away

you never lost the flying grace

By CreativeMichaela 2020

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