Category: art

  • Stronger


    I started sketching this at the same time as mother nature and is a more masculine part of nature, growing stronger from a hard place with rock starting to grow in the hair. Tell me what do you think?

  • Mother nature

    Mother nature

    This is a reflection of the natural world with sun in the face wind for arms leaves for torso, pedals for a skirt and roots for feet. It’s mostly a cool picture. What do you think?

  • The neglectful mother

    The neglectful mother

    This is a painting that represents lack of love from a parent. The painting is from the perspective of a child reaching out for its mother and the distance represents the emotional distance. The black void represents a lack of emotion and the light in the child’s hand represents the love the child has for…

  • Lost


    It’s a man that is in darkness who clings to what little light he has represented in the lantern, but is lost and alone in the darkness What is your interpretation?

  • Chatterbox


    The chatterbox is as it seams a woman talking to much thus having a unrealistic big mouth. I came up with the idea while I was having a dream and I was a red haired woman with a big mouth. It became such a close up the hair disappeared. What do you think?

  • Magnetism


    This image represents the magical power of love, where it draws us towards one another represented in the compass pointing toward the heart.

  • The good mother

    The good mother

    This is a painting that shows a mother’s patience and empathy. in the painting the child is crying represented in the open mouth and red color in the child’s face. While the god mother has patience and the light around the mother’s head represents that goodness.

  • Healing


    It’s a bit of a continuation of “Tears that drowned the world” this time the heart is standing up being pulled up by an elephant that represents your inner strength. The love in you heart represented in the red is lees but not pouring out anymore. What do you think?

  • God is dead

    God is dead

    The title comes from a quote from Nietzsche. The heart represents the western civilization which is build of christian values and it is dead. The blue background is cracking represents today’s society fragile because the west has nothing to believe in and thus the cracks in the glass and the darkness represents the unknown.  What…

  • Prayer


    This is a little painting that represents god’s presence in prayer. The dove represents God and the hand represents prayer and the light connects the two images.