Category: Fun

  • Chatterbox


    The chatterbox is as it seams a woman talking to much thus having a unrealistic big mouth. I came up with the idea while I was having a dream and I was a red haired woman with a big mouth. It became such a close up the hair disappeared. What do you think?

  • Sunshine


    Just an uplifting sunflower, you need some light in you life you know. What is your interpretation?

  • Monster


    As you can see a monster is emerging from the darkness trying to get at the light of life to snuff it out, so watch out. What is your interpretation?

  • The seer

    The seer

    This is inspired by a street art festival where I got a thing for circles. This is a bit to make fun of the seer that claims to see the future but they only see themselves. What do you think?