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  • I was flying, then… I WAS NOT

    I was flying, then… I WAS NOT

    I was flying high in clouds wings spread wide like eagles fly I was doing hoops galore long before I touched the floor I was born up in the sky high above the eiffel tower the world slowly wore me down  down to earth with a bitter cry Down of earth I hear despair the…

  • The pen

    The pen

    Old chapters endand new beginThere is no going back in this storyOne can not simply relive ones lifeFor better or worseI am left at the mercyof Gods mighty penthat has been entrusted to meI wonder what new wonder or pestilenceis hiding on the other side of the pageI wonder what kind of story my life…

  • At night

    At night

    At night I look up at the starsand think on what might have beenI think on my choiceschansens not takenAnd I regretI regret my cowardiceand my indecisionI regret the future I killedAll that might have beenBut is no more CURSED be the World that gives no second chanceCursed be to God for not making me…

  • Life


    Life is… lifeLife doesn’t carewhether one person lives or diesLife goes onLife doesn’t care if you are happy or notLife goes onLife is an indestructible forceThat will live on no matter what Michaela Bjarnason 2020 Check out my other poems At night The pen